As the Summer Ends, So We Start.

The change in weather has certainly signalled the end of the Summer Holidays to me this last week.  As the paddling pools and shorts are put away at home, I need to think about what I still have to achieve for the rest of the year.

Like most people I sigh and think to myself, “Where has the year gone?” and tell myself to stop procrastinating and just get on and do what I said I was going to do!

However, unlike most, I have a plan to keep me focused on achieving my business vision, it helps me review my progress against set actions and helps me achieve goals and prioritise work.

Without a plan and a vision, I would be spending a lot of time distracted by unimportant things and get so bogged down in the day to day, that I would not have time to grow my business.

Creating a vision and a plan isn’t as hard as it may seem.  The trickiest part is taking time away from your busy day to concentrate on where you want your business to be, who you want your customers to be and what products and services you want to offer them.  Writing down what your core business values are also helps.  Once a vision is written down, making a plan on how you are going to get there isn’t so hard.  Journeys are impossible if you don’t know where you are going!

The Organised Business can help you to create a vision and plan for your business so that when you are in need of a kick-start to sort you out, it is as easy as ticking off a list, and saying, “Yes, that’s what I need to do next.”

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