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How to make your business enjoyable, scalable and create financial & time freedom (workshop)

Come join me at - #kentb2b on 4th Nov 2015 for a workshop based around the Organised Business. A business that fails is a terrible thing but sometimes, what’s worse, is a business that fails to achieve its full potential. Many businesses do not make their owners happy, owners can find it a struggle to get it [...]

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Don’t fall into the trap of “Presenteeism” !

I have been having conversations with a colleague about their partner’s long hours at work.  The term they referred to was “Presenteeism” which is essentially the habit of being present; and working constantly instead of taking earned time off. How many of us are guilty of the same activity? Are we at work because our [...]

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This post could save your business.

If there is one thing that all business experts agree on, it is that cash is vital for your business. Cash facilitates the operation of business; without it things slowly grind to a halt. With cash you can grow your business, fund the marketing campaigns, pay the employees and without it you can do none [...]

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Kids Company – Over Reliance Dangers

After the recent closure of the charity Kids Company, I listened intently to Camila Batmanhelidjh's interview on Radio 4 yesterday. I can understand that this is a terrible situation for all parties involved, but I was ever so surprised to hear her say that there were NO problems with management. How can any business truly say [...]

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How to make more time in the day

"My favourite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." Time really is the our most precious commodity and its finite, you really don't have enough time. If you think you are wasting time, doing things that you shouldn't be, [...]

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Can you have a successful second business?

You have spent years growing your business and you have achieved some success with it. It probably takes up a huge amount of your time and effort but it’s worth it. One day someone comes to you with a good idea, or you have a good idea and you think I will start a second [...]

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Ten ways to spot a disorganised business

If you think you may have a disorganised business but aren't sure then here are ten ways you can tell: Paperwork - You often find it difficult to find things, paperwork, files or even your desk! Fighting Fires - You seem to be endlessly fighting fires or resolving issues rather than moving the business forward. [...]

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Why you need an online bookkeeping package.

Many business owners use a spreadsheet or desktop package to do their bookkeeping but we think they should stop and switch to an online bookkeeping package such as www.Xero.com and here are ten reasons why. Get to know your financials A set of management accounts is possible with a spreadsheet but it’s not easy. Xero [...]

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Why the cloud is so important for businesses.

The cloud is another way of saying the internet but in this context it usually goes hand in hand with delivering a service over the internet. The cloud is where you can store all your data, all your files, music pictures and even your software so you can access it all from any computer or [...]

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