Working from Home – Maybe make time for a FAKE commute?

When you have a home-based business, it can be difficult to have a clear separation between work and home. The ability and temptation to pop into the office at whatever time of the day or night is always there.  But it also brings many benefits – it’s about getting the balance right. The [...]

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Using To Use Action Learning to Solve Business Problems

Have you ever been to a presentation or course and thought “that was interesting”, then gone back to your work and forgotten almost all about it?  Or read a self-help book, and thought “yes, I should give that a go”, but not given it a go? If you answered Yes, you are not [...]

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6 business owners benefit from 75 years business experience

After a year in the planning, the Founder Group of The Board met last week to start their journey together. Members of the Founder Group are all local businesses owners with Turnover in excess of £1m. People running small businesses in a variety of industries who face similar problems, who need some support [...]

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10 Top Tips for New Managers

As a business grows, the number of employees often grows with it, and that quite often means that, suddenly, a member of the team will have people that report to them but has never managed people before.  That’s how it should be, that is an aspect of business growth. Sadly, we often witness [...]

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Supporting Business Growth in Kent

Supporting Business Growth in Kent On 26th June, I was privileged to be a guest speaker at the Grow Kent event held at the Mercure Hotel in Maidstone. We support the whole concept of growth, in fact, we love it and so we jumped at the chance to be part of promoting growth, [...]

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Simple steps to error proof your work

We all make mistakes.  I make them from time to time, some silly little mistakes, some a little bigger.  But then what if you make a silly little mistake more than once, and don’t learn from it? I recently missed an appointment – the osteopath - it was on the calendar, but my [...]

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The 5 Proven Steps to Systemise Your Business

Systems are great, well I think so.  Systems are a way of letting people in your team know what is expected of them.  They ensure that you give a consistent quality of service or product to your customers.  They also give managers a big sigh of relief, because, written and implemented well – [...]

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6 productivity killers and how to avoid them

Time is finite. There are only 24 hours in a day and most of these are spent not working. So, when we are working, how do we ensure that the time is being spent productively? It’s about identifying, and avoiding, the productivity killers that are wasting your precious time. Here are the top [...]

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The Launch of The Board – The Power of the Mastermind

On Wednesday 9th May we launched The Board - a peer to peer group aimed at helping business owners support each other in a confidential environment. The event was held at Buckmore Park Karting Circuit - The Heart of British Karting and a landmark here in Kent. We were joined by business people from all [...]

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3 must do things to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing budget

When we ask our clients how much return on their investment (ROI) they get from their marketing spend, many of them can’t answer straight away.  In fact, some of them can’t answer at all. That is because they don’t know how they get new leads and customers.  They simply never ask [...]

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