3 tips for an organised mindset.

We are all so busy in our lives.  Our jobs seem to grow with us, and at some point, we all feel overwhelmed by the quantity of things that are to be done.  We have so much going on in our heads that inevitably things slip or go wrong.  There is no doubt that [...]

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Make work a Joy – 5 tips for a happier business owner

Imagine going to work every day and being miserable. Turning up and being instantly unhappy when you walk through the door. How productive would you be? Now imagine work was a joy and you looked forward to getting there and getting stuck in. The first scenario is bad enough when you are employed but [...]

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Have you spent much time loving your customers lately?

I’m reading a great Sales book at the moment.  Sales is not my area of expertise and I am always up for learning! There is a section in it called “Loving your customer”.  That does sound rather strange, but I get it! When you start a relationship with a customer, you are telling them [...]

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Why I am giving this book (that took me 3 years to write) away for FREE!

The Organised Business took me 3 years to write. It took so long because I was fitting it around a young family, a growing business and trying to have some sort of life in between. Nevertheless, I got up early and went to bed late for 3 years to pull together my years of [...]

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Are you going to do things differently in 2018?

As we close off 2017 and look forward to 2018 I wonder if you are planning on making any changes to your business? The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results. Many business owners are unhappy with their businesses but don’t know what to do [...]

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Shocking Customer Service but I spent more anyway.

It’s been three weeks since I posted my iPad for repair.  Three weeks! After the screen braking incident, I found a company online - they were cheap, had an address with a walk-in service and they sent me a return addressed pack for me to send my iPad to them, which I duly did [...]

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Kent Based, Business Transformation Programme Launches

After two years of development, The Organised Business has launched its Foundations course. Foundations is a business transformation programme which will improve the lives of small business owners by allowing them to free themselves from their business, helping them to maximise profits and to make their businesses run like clockwork. Attendees will be taken [...]

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5 Tips To Combat The “Too Busy” Problem, Growth Can Cause.

Help I am too busy – what to do about this “good” problem. A good problem is still a problem and whilst you are growing, increasing sales, personnel, and activities, being too busy will definitely be a problem. If you aren't growing then you might be thinking "I would love to have too [...]

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How to rid your business of repeated mistakes!

To Err is human, I understand that we all make mistakes, what kills me is repeated mistakes. The things that seem to go wrong repeatedly is one of my biggest bug bears. Stamping out these repeated errors has been a life mission of mine since I started in business. One of the main reasons [...]

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Just where is this business going?

If you run a business and you regularly ask yourself this question then you are in the minority. So many business owners plod along doing the same thing without ever actually taking the time to think about where the business is going. The main reason we don’t ask ourselves this question is that we [...]

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