Don't fall into the trap of “Presenteeism” !

I have been having conversations with a colleague about their partner’s long hours at work.  The term they referred to was “Presenteeism” which is essentially the habit of being present; and working constantly instead of taking earned time off.

How many of us are guilty of the same activity?

Are we at work because our businesses will crumble without us being there for extreme working hours? Or are we at work because we have fallen into a habit of always being there?

Either way, it is not a healthy way to live!  A work-life-balance is a requirement for many people on the labour market, with employers actively promoting flexible working practices to attract new recruits into their modern “employer of choice” companies.

However, as an owner of small businesses, I know that it is very difficult to step away. There are many balls to be juggled and plates to be spun – dropping a plate can have dire consequences to a customer relationship.  But, I also know that being unorganised can result in one or two hiccups that can be smoothed over, it can also lead to a major catastrophe.

The more organised a business, and by association the business owner, the more successful it will be.  The more successful you are at managing your current workload, the more chance you have of growing your business.

So, how organised are you?  Do you have a clear vision for your business and a plan to achieve it?  Do you understand all of your business processes and are they being actively followed by your teams? Are you on top of your profit? Managing your cash flow?

The Organised Business has some handy tools and exercises to help you to organise your business to get you that little bit extra time at home and out of the rut of constantly being present at work.

I suggested my colleague’s partner has a read!

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