Foundations Plus

Like any building project, before you start building your business you need a plan.

We will develop your plan through a Foundation Discovery Day. Any foundation needs to be level and square, preparation is the key and your Businesses Foundation is no exception.

To create your Foundation you need to take some time off from your business, some time away to reflect on your situation.

Our Foundation Discovery Day takes you away from the business for just one day in order to work through our Foundation Builder Programme with a facilitator.



At the end of the day your facilitator will take the work produced and create for you a list of actions that will ultimately lead to you achieving your vision for the business.

If houses were built with no plans and no foundations they would ultimately fall down. With the Foundation Discovery Day you are starting your new journey in the right way to make sure your business continues to provide for you and your family whilst not taking up too much of your time.

This plan is the true foundation of your business and from here the journey begins.

Benefits of the Foundation Discovery Day

  • Take some time to look at your business from a fresh perspective
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current business
  • Create a vision for your business
  • Create an action list to achieve that vision