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Our Services

We offer a range of services to suit your personal and busienss needs.  If you are motivated and self driven to build your business than the Book “The Organised Business” is a great place to start – full of tools, concepts and tips that will help you to organise your buisiness.

Others may prefer a more supportive and disciplined approach.  Foundations offers a chance to get all of the learning from the Book in a class room environment.  Tutor led sessions, with real excercises that can be taken direcetly back to the workplace to make an immediate impact into the running of your business.   Foundations Plus offers a tailored one to one approach involving a full business review, the development of a vision and a business plan and regular meetings supporting the growth of the business.

We also offer a Design and Advisory Service to those that have one or two areas of specific needs.

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A development programme aimed at supporting business owners to free themselves from working in their business to working on their business, enabling them to maximise its profits and make it run like clockwork.

A 6 month programme, involving 5 modules delivered in monthly tutorials.  Each tutorial is followed up by one-to-one coaching sessions to support the achievement of individual leaner action plans.  Online support is also available in an open discussion leaners forum.

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Foundations Plus

Is a bespoke service where the elements of the Foundations development programme are covered on a one to one basis at the Companies premises to support Business Owners to grow their businesses maximise its profits and make it run like clockwork.

During a one day review, we will take some time to look at your business from a fresh perspective to

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current business
  • Create a vision for your business
  • Create a business plan to achieve that vision

This will then be followed by regular blueprint meetings, keeping you on track to achieve your business plan through teaching, coaching, guiding and supporting you.

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If you have a specific business problem, we can design a solution and give you advice and guidance to support you to build a better business.

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The Book

The Organised Business explains how being organised is one of the major factors in ensuring your business is successful. You can be successful without being organised but it will be a much harder road to travel.

The book gives real life examples to illustrate the concepts, tools and techniques you will need to ensure you can get your business organised as well. In addition, as a reader of the book, you will have FREE access to download a number of tools and resources we have developed, for doing things such as Organising your marketing, tracking quotes and getting decent management accounts.

The overall aim of the book is for you to maximise your businesses potential through following the guidance in the book.

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