How to make your business enjoyable, scalable and create financial & time freedom (workshop)

Come join me at – #kentb2b on 4th Nov 2015 for a workshop based around the Organised Business.

A business that fails is a terrible thing but sometimes, what’s worse, is a business that fails to achieve its full potential.

Many businesses do not make their owners happy, owners can find it a struggle to get it together and make it work. After years of struggle many of these businesses crash and burn and when this happens the effects on the owner and their family can be devastating.

However, all business have the potential to achieve success, so why is it that some business make it and some fail.

In this unique take on how to achieve business success Author of The Organised Business, William Wood, shares with you his vision on how to make sure your business is set up and organised in a way that makes it not only enjoyable to run but also scalable.

An organised business means one that works and can grow without you, a business like this gives you both financial and time freedom.

If you are unhappy with how things are going in your business or just want some practical advice on how to get better organised then this is the workshop for you.

Full information on the event can be found here:

Venue: Discovery Park,
Date: Wed, 4th November 2015
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

The Organised Business Workshop: 3pm – 3:30pm

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