6 business owners benefit from 75 years business experience

After a year in the planning, the Founder Group of The Board met last week to start their journey together.

Members of the Founder Group are all local businesses owners with Turnover in excess of £1m. People running small businesses in a variety of industries who face similar problems, who need some support from like-minded individuals and who need someone to bounce ideas off in a confidential, non-competing forum.

The First Meeting of The Board

The First Board Meeting started out with a breakfast provided by our hosts Buckmore Park, whose karting and corporate facilities near bluebell hill in Kent are second to none. After breakfast and the inevitable icebreakers, we got down to business.

This being the first meeting we some goals with the members of the board, each member was asked to write down their Big Goal for the business they are running now. What it is that they want to achieve in the next few years for the business that they are currently running. After that, we looked at the business in more detail to break down the goals into Product, Marketing, Finance and Personal.

The next part of the morning was all about Action Learning – where we examine problems and use the team to help solve them. Each business owner has a set time to open up about a particular issue, this could be a specific problem, something worrying them in their business, or a general problem affecting their business as a whole.

Once a member presents their problem there is an opportunity for the other attendees to ask clarifying questions and for the presenter to explain the issue a bit deeper. After that, each member of the group had the opportunity to share their thoughts and experience with the presenter.

It’s at this point in the meeting that the magic happens because when you present a problem at The Board you get the benefit of the combined experience of the group. That was over 75 years of business experience.

On the day there were some insightful general and specific points made that gave genuine solutions and ideas to real problems.

I really enjoyed yesterday and it felt really professional yet personal.  I’m really looking forward to getting to know the others better and learning about their businesses. Sophie

The power of the group will come in subsequent months when the relationships begin to take shape, and the members get to know each other and their businesses. Each group is limited to 8 members so there will always be time to discuss a problem.

Groups also have access to an online platform to discuss issues, share ideas and documents.

Why not join?

The Founder Group has 2 spaces left and members are entitled to a 25% lifetime discount – The Founder Group membership is limited to the following criteria:

  1. Your business must have at least £1m Turnover
  2. You should be entrepreneurial and interested in growing
  3. You must be willing to help as well as being helped
  4. You have to be committed to spending time working on your business

The next group we will be forming is for businesses up to £500K if you like the idea of joining The Board please get in touch.

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