If a plant needs sunlight and water to make it grow, what does a business need?  Now actually, that is a bit too sweeping a statement on the plant side.  We have all seen the David Attenborough clips of a seed sprouting and searching for the sunlight, growing and then, sadly, not always thriving.  It’s a competitive world out there, even for plants.

So, what about businesses?

Obviously making money helps, and that will always link to increasing sales and increasing marketing.  However, there is more to having a successful marketing plan to make your business grow.  These are the other important things that we believe will help you successfully achieve business growth:

Having a vision and a plan

Having a clear view on where your business is going, and how you are going to get there is the starting point.  Looking at your business now and comparing it to where you want it to be, will give you a clear indication of the obstacles and challenges that you will need to overcome to grow your business.

Having systems

Clearly defined, efficient processes and procedures will ensure that you get the quality of service that you require at each step of your business activities – enabling you to trust your team are doing the right thing and that errors are not being made.  This will free up your time to work on growing your business and the day to day operations will become easier.

Organising your finances

A good knowledge of the numbers in your business will ensure that you are ahead of the game.  Understanding your profit and loss and your balance sheet, can give you an indicator of how your business is truly performing financially. In turn, these can help you make the right decisions to support your business’ sustainability and growth.

Managing your people well

Having good people with the right skills in your team makes a huge difference to how your business performs.  Recruiting people that share the values of your business and managing them well, will give your business a competitive advantage.

Leadership and Personal Growth

Your business is a reflection of you. If you have the right skills, mindset and spend your time wisely, you will achieve your vision. Surround yourself with people that can support you to grow your business and don’t be afraid to ask for help when facing challenges.

So, back to David Attenborough…. (hear his voice as you read this):

A seed has the best chance of thriving if it falls on well prepared soil and is nurtured with care and attention.  A good gardener will have a system for how to manage their crops and uses their knowledge of the environment to make decisions to get in a good harvest.  They will take time to choose the right variety of plant that will flourish in the environment and will seek advice when tackling greenfly, mould spores or other problems. 

A business needs the same care and attention to grow.

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