Let’s face it running a business can be a lonely and sometimes thankless task. Standing where the buck stops, making the decisions can be a tough place to be.

Of course, no-one is going to feel sorry for you, after you are the boss and it’s your choice to be in this position, nerveless business owners are human, and humans need someone to talk to about their problems. To borrow a line from Cheers, somewhere everyone knows your name.

The Board then is all about creating a support network of business owners so that you have people to turn to who can take an objective view of your business challenges. As business owners, we all face the same challenges – employee issues, finance issues, customer issues etc. – so this group brings us together, both face to face and online, to share, discuss and overcome.

The Board is also a place to learn new tools and ideas for your business, our handpicked guest speakers come in and present about a certain topic for an hour to allow you to gain some new knowledge that you can implement into your business. This is on a variety of topics such as Marketing, recruitment, social media and many more.

The Five main reason The Board is for you:

  • Business Growth
  • Share your experiences with others
  • Learn from like-minded individuals
  • Support from other business owners
  • Help to overcome specific problems

What does the Board include?

Six meetings per year

We meet at 8 am for breakfast, and the meeting aims to end at 12:30. Meetings are held at Buckmore Park Karting Circuit – The Heart of British Karting and a landmark here in Kent.

Group Problem Solving

At each meeting, you will share the issues that you are experiencing in your business and share business problems with peers in a safe and confidential environment. Their suggestions and reflective questioning will give insightful and flexible solutions to your problems.

You, in return, will also share your knowledge and experience with your peers to help them create solutions to their problems in a supportive and challenging way.

Personal Development

At each meeting, there will be a handpicked speaker who will facilitate a 1 – Hour Interactive Masterclass on a range of business-critical subjects, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • People
  • The Law LEAD GEN

Online Support

You will be given access to our online learning portal, which includes a discussion board to bounce ideas and share information with your group when you are not at the meeting. The portal also includes helpful guides and insight and is updated regularly as things change.

You will also develop a relationship with your Chairperson who will coach and support you with ideas to organise your business and grow your business.

Coaching Session

As well as developing relationships with other business owners, your Chairperson will be on hand to coach and support you with ideas to organise and grow your business. As part of The Board, they will meet with you 1 to 1 at your business premises to talk through any business problems you are having and help you formulate a plan.

To enquire or learn more visit www.theorganisedbusiness.co.uk/theboard