Foundation Plus Discovery Day™

Spend a day working on your business.

The Discovery Day™ is a full day where we sit down with you and your business partner to really get under the skin of the business.

At the end of the day, you will have a Vision for your business and create an Action Plan which will become the basis of the action you take in the business over the next few years. No longer making decisions based on

what you think best unsure if these are going to help you achieve the vision.

During the Discovery Day™, we will ask questions and have meaningful conversations about how your business is really performing, and where you want it to go to enable us to create an Action Plan that will:

  • maximise the amount of money your business can earn.
  • get your work-life balance right and have more time with your family
  • get your staff to take responsibility
  • free up your time and delegate effectively
  • consider, find and implement an exit strategy

We will work with you to review the risks and threats to your business; the performance of your products and services; your financial stability, your marketing and customer strategies; and your people management and business systems.  We will also look at your style as a Leader and the impact that it has on the team around you.

Following the Discovery Day™, you can choose to implement the Action Plan on your own following our guidance and recommendations.   Or, you can opt to use our Foundations Plus™ service, where we will convert your Action Plan into a Business Plan and give you coaching, training and further support to help you to achieve your vision and deliver the Business Plan.