Why join The Board?

Join The Board and join like-minded business owners to focus on growing, increasing profit and business performance.

Finding the right kind of support when you run a business is difficult – The Board creates a unique opportunity to find great support for what can be a lonely job.

Each member of the Board and the Chair is asked to sign a binding confidentiality agreement before joining. So you are free to discuss you businesses issues in complete confidence.

Members of the group will have years of combined experience and bring with them multiple views to any problem – so you can bounce ideas and get advice from a varied source.

Learning is part of the meeting, so you can keep up to date with changes or learn new skills. In addition, each member of the group has their own knowledge that they will be willing to share.

As a business owner you already must be self-motivated and must be able to hold yourself accountable for the tasks you need to do, but knowing you are turning up to present to your peers on the actions you have agreed to undertake is a powerful motivator.

The whole point is that the group will expand your horizons about what is possible for you and your business. If you are surrounded by amazing people, doing amazing things, it will rub off on you.

Networking is a bi-product of a mastermind group because you will grow your network whilst you’re in the group as a member. Entrepreneurs like to spread business as much as they can.

The Board has the following benefits:

  • An emphasis on Goals and Goal setting – you want to be working towards something so your goals are fore front of our meetings.

  • A great Chair – Our meetings are chaired by experienced business people and can help guide the group and add value.

  • Our meetings aren’t open to all – if the joining criteria are too open, then you are bound to be in a group that doesn’t suit your business.

  • Group Size – groups of no more than 10 allow you to get to grips with the businesses in the group in sufficient depth.

  • Competitive – Our groups memberships are priced realistically so this group won’t break the bank

How to join The Board

Joining The Board is a five-step process:

  1. Once you have completed our enquiry for we ask you to complete and return a profile. This allows us to get to know your business a little better.
  2. We will review your profile and look at our existing boards to see where you will fit in.
  3. Then you will have a face to face meeting with the Chair of that group to ensure you are both compatible
  4. We then invite you to the board complete our confidentiality agreement.
  5. We then provide you with full profiles of each member of the Board you are joining and organise an informal meeting.

Get started

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