Shocking Customer Service but I spent more anyway.

It’s been three weeks since I posted my iPad for repair.  Three weeks!

After the screen braking incident, I found a company online – they were cheap, had an address with a walk-in service and they sent me a return addressed pack for me to send my iPad to them, which I duly did (Tracker Service Royal Mail of course!)

Then I waited.  Over a week passed.  I had heard nothing.  I emailed them using the email order confirmation address.  Still nothing.  I tried calling, their answer system just redirected me to an email address, not a real person.  It was a different email address, so I emailed that.  I was starting to get nervous.

I then received an email 3 days later stating that as my iPad had an old battery it may need replacing, and this could be done for a fee.  It stated that without replacing my old battery, it may break with loss of data, the cost would be increased, blah blah blah.  I then found that I had received an email in my junk mail over a week before.

Now, my issue is not upselling.  Upselling is a great way for businesses to increase their profit and give customers something that they may also need.

My issue is that they withheld my original service until getting a response to an upselling email that they didn’t follow up. Grrr.

Great customer service shouldn’t need to be that hard – so many businesses do it right.  As a customer, all I needed was a timely follow up e-mail and a real-life person that I could talk to with access to a database and a bit of training.

I paid for the new battery to be installed (their upselling approach is successful), but I won’t be using that company again or recommending them.  I hope that I get my iPad returned soon!


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