Why Every Director Should Consider Joining The Board!

Let’s face it running a business can be a lonely and sometimes thankless task. Standing where the buck stops, making the decisions can be a tough place to be. Of course, no-one is going to feel sorry for you, after you are the boss and it's your choice to be in [...]

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What’s your Vision? Join us on 24th July and we’ll help you find out…

Many business owners plod along doing the same thing without ever actually taking the time to think about where the business is going. It is understandable with so much going on, managing staff, customers, suppliers etc but if you lose sight of the direction of the business there is a danger that your [...]

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Understanding stress in the workplace

Guest Post – Susie Flashman Jarvis from the www.thebespokecoach.com Stress is a current buzz word in our world of comparison and relentless drive. It is a by-product of a life-style where to pause is often seen as to fail. And yet stop we must or something that gets us out of the way [...]

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There are Gremlins hiding in your business that are costing you thousands

Deep within your business are Gremlins that are costing you thousands. These Gremlins hide in the strangest places, but they are there, and they are draining your business of its profit. Depending on the size of your business, it could be costing you thousands each year or even each month. Ridding yourself of [...]

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Are you leading … down the correct path?

Have you ever had a bad boss? Someone you had zero respect for, someone who you felt shouldn’t be in the job they were doing and you had no idea how they managed to get to that position in the first place? Where every day your view of them was re-enforced by some [...]

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8 Tips to prepare for difficult conversations

My daughter has been having a group keyboard lesson once a week for a year.  For the last term, she has had a new teacher - she is passionate, technically competent and my daughter likes her, but the lessons have lost pace, have been running over, and at 45 minutes into the 1 [...]

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Your FREE Business Review – Worth £395!

See how your business stands up against our 6 keys areas - so you can spot what is holding your business back! Get a FREE review with one of our Business Architects. We will ask you a series of questions to establish how your business measures up against our criteria. The criteria are based [...]

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Tending your business to make it grow.

If a plant needs sunlight and water to make it grow, what does a business need?  Now actually, that is a bit too sweeping a statement on the plant side.  We have all seen the David Attenborough clips of a seed sprouting and searching for the sunlight, growing and then, sadly, not always [...]

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Do you have a dysfunctional business?

Do you have a dysfunctional business? A business is like a machine, it should work for you, the way you intended it too – you should get consistent results from it, month in month out. Like any machine you will have to do some maintenance along the way, but you should be able [...]

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Does your business feel like a Halloween nightmare?

When a business fails, it often doesn’t come out of the blue – it comes after years of struggle, anxiety and worry. Almost like living through a nightmare. It’s rare for one large event to kill a business dead and often happens after a myriad of small solvable issues adds up and something [...]

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